Runtime: 113 minutes

Rated: PG-13

Just run for your life when a destructive force of nature comes howling straight toward you, destroying everything in its path--when you're running from a Twister. Academy Award winner Helen Hunt stars as Dr. Jo Thornton-Harding, who as a small girl watched her father sucked to his death from her family's storm cellar by a massive tornado. Now a storm chaser, a scientist who risks her life to study the dark side of nature by taking her data-transmitting instruments directly into the path of a deadly storm, Jo chases the largest tornado to ever strike Oklahoma as her marriage implodes and rival scientists will stop and nothing to steal her breakthrough. Go for the ride of your life with this blockbuster from executive producer Steven Spielberg, director Jan de Bont (Speed) and writer Michael Crichton ("ER," Jurassic Park).